K. says
“I enjoyed the day very much.
It was a long day, but the time just flew by – it always does when you are interested in what you are doing.”

“It was a delight to be there”. said H

“Thanks for a great day!” P

“Many thanks for inviting me to the Tubalations event, it was a splendid day with so many Tubas and Euphoniums being played with such skill and enthusiasm.The music stretched me to my limit and beyond and I learned a great deal; I will try to include in my practice sessions some of the many suggestions made by Derick Kane in his talk.Thanks again for a wonderful day,”Writes C

“Many thanks, and congrats to you too on a great day.” emailed C

” The day had a really good spirit about it, and there was plenty for everyone. All in all, a very enjoyable day” Wrote D

“Yes it was a good day.When’s the next one?” A

“Very many thanks for an excellent day.” FIRST RATE !! – the wife’s cooking is to be commended.” Commented D

“Just to say that was a great night! I’m still humming through some of the T4 stuff. It was also good to see so many people involved”. B

“It was a great night” writes A

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Tuba Festival – January 2010