Stotfold Salvation Army  Presented


A special day for all Euphonium, Bass and Tuba players.

Commenced at 9.30am

Group Playing – Master Classes – Soloists

And a grand finale concert

Commenced at 7pm

Total amount raised £1500

Was Held on 23rd January 2010

Held at Letchworth Garden City Free Church



All proceeds went to the Clarence Adoo Trust

4 thoughts on “Tubalations”

  1. The event looks like an exciting idea for bass players. But is the evening concert not open to additional members of the public by ticket? The booking form is only for “blowers”.

  2. Dear Roy,
    Just a few belated words to thank you for fantastically inspiring day. The music, tuition and cameraderie was just excellent. I would have responded earlier but, as mentioned to your wife on the phone, we had a total computer collapse here. Quite coincidentally 23/01/10 was my 61st birthday – and I want to know if I can have as great a birthday next year with my tuba at Stotfold. Thanks for all your (and you family’s) hard work and vision to make it happen.
    Warmest wishes, Jeanie Wood

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